Weddings are all about the process of your story, your family and friends, your feeligs and love.. all combined in one day full of emotions.

Emotions of a day should not be lost, but they should be remembered for eternity

I must say that I am so lucky to experience and document one of the most important days for many people. I love to capture the stories of couples that match my vision and fit my style, couples who will trust me, couples who love each other, who are willing to dare to be different, and who think about their wedding photos as a visual legacy of their life, not just for today, but also for their future generations.

Let me help you to have the most unforgettable day possible, which allways is full of intimate and special moments while I document it, so you can share & remember your incredible experience for years to come.


Xavier Caro
Professional Photographer

4 years ago I lived the same adventure that you are about to start, I married the love of my life, and today, I feel blessed to be a husband and father of a loving and crazy family.

Family is not something important. Its EVERYTHING

Abbelardo Villegas

Each wedding is a story.

Each story is unique

I am a person who likes to save moments.

I have a lot of respect for time, that’s why my passion for photography; which allows us to treasure moments, immortalize people and recreate feelings. I’ve found in filming couples raw emotions and connections.. we’re all about creating authentic moments, so you be able to feel them again, and again.

I met Xavi 4 years ago, and we share a passion for storytelling. Over time, we compiled a dense catalogue of adventures, numerous experiences; documenting each wedding through your feelings, hugs, kisses, laughs, tears, nerves and all those moments that are lived on the skin, like we’re part of the family.